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2018 Iowa Girls State

2018 Iowa Girls State will be held on the Campus of Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa June 17-22, 2018

sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary of Iowa
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INFORMATION ON SELECTION OF A GIRL          Reservation Form      Refund Form


1. The girl must be in her Junior or third year of Senior High School and be at least 16 years of age on Sept 15th of the year prior to her attending Iowa Girls State.

2. She must be an Iowa resident and a United States citizen.

3. She must show respect for the American flag and agree to pledge allegiance to it.

4. She must not a member of a subversive and/or militant group opposed to our form of government.

5. She must never have been married or be planning on marriage before graduation.

6. She must agree to arrive during Registration, attend the entire Girls State session, and leave only following the Inauguration Ceremonies. A girl will only be excused for a death in the immediate family or severe illness.

7. She must agree to abide by the Iowa Girls State rules.

8. Girls State is a strenuous week, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, the girl’s ability to cope adequately with these conditions must be considered.

9. Each girl is expected to return home and to furnish leadership in her community. She is also expected to present a report to her sponsoring Unit.

10.It is against Iowa law for a minor to smoke or possess smoking materials. Any Girls State citizen found to be in violation of this law while at Iowa Girls State would be dismissed from Girls State without a refund to her Unit.

11.The unit should remember that the girl does not need to be an ALA member or a member of a veteran’s family.


1. Leadership

2. Honesty

3. Scholarship

4. Cooperativeness and Courage

5. Community Participation

6. Interest in Government and/or Politics

7. Rank in Upper ½ of class

8. Excellent health, physically & mentally

PLEASE NOTE: If a disabled student is selected by an Auxiliary Unit to attend Iowa Girls State, and the student needs assistance to fully participate, the Unit needs to state that the parent and/or school or contributing organization needs to pay all costs involved with the student being able to access and participate in the program. This could include a full-time female aide over 21 years of age, and any materials, supports, accommodations, and modifications needed. The expense for the aide would also include transportation, meals, and lodging. Proper insurance must be provided for the disabled student and any additional premiums shall be assumed by the parent and/or school or contributing organization. If the Auxiliary Unit does not state this to the parents, school, or contributing organization, then the Auxiliary Unit will be held liable for all costs associated with the student participating.

Please select an alternate girl in case something prevents the first girl from attending. Her requirements are the same as the eligibility outline above. The Director may accept or reject any application for citizenship at Iowa Girls State.


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